Anubias Barteri

Overview: Anubias barteri is a West African species of Anubias and is named after the collector Charles Barter. It is a plant known due to its undemanding nature. This plant is a staple in many pet stores because of its unproblematic demands. The leaves are bright green with leathery texture and can grow up to 30 cm. It can also be found in the wild in shaded areas near fast flowing rivers and streams.

Size Portions: Anubias Barteri is priced per rhizome

Lighting conditions: Low to Medium

Growth Length: 25-45cm

Temperature: 22–28 °C

Difficulty or care: Easy

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground or Background

Growth Rate: Slow

Reproduction: Anubias Barteri can be grown from each rhizome if pulled apart.