Anubias Coffeefolia Caresheet

Anubias Coffeefolia is a very beautiful and popular aquatic plant among the pet fish lovers due to its hardiness and deep green coloration. It is naïve to Africa where it occurs in rivers, streams and swamps. This plant has dark green and very thick leaves that can be elliptical, triangular, round or heart-shaped. It prefers to grow in immersed condition and makes it an ideal for either aquarium or terrariums.


Anubias coffeefolia is a popular hardy, undemanding mid-ground plant. It has large, heavily ridged leaves. This plant can grow up to 40 cm tall with creeping rhizome. The rhizome produces brownish red leaves that turn dark green as they mature. The leaf blade is deeply grooved and it grows about 6 cm (2.5 inch) long. The rhizome with leaves grow horizontally at a slower speed that makes the plant more suitable among the aquarium fish keepers. The color combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. It produces flowers frequently under water but does not produce seeds. It should be planted in a shady area to restrict algae growth on the leaves. Anubias coffeefolia is easy to grow and it is used in a Cichlid and regular aquarium tanks due to its tough leathery leaves and hardiness. Propagation is done easily by cutting the rhizomes in aquarium condition with

Quick Stats

Scientific name: Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia

Common name: Anubias Coffeefolia

Origin: Africa

Placement: Foreground or Midground

Propagation: Rhizome cutting, leaf clippings

Height:   25-40 cm

Width:  10-15 + cm

Water pH: 5.5-9.0

Water Hardness: 3.0-7.00 dGH

Temperature: 68-860F (20-30 ° C)

Lighting: Low to high

Growth: Very slow

Care level: Very easy

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Anubias Coffeefolia has long been known as an aquarium plant and its designated trade name is Anubias barteri ‘Coffeefolia’ or ‘Coffeifolia’. It was described in 2010 as a variety ‘var. coffeeifolia’ by aquarium plants writer Christel Kasselman. At present six Anubias bartery varieties are distinguished. These are Anubias bartery var coffeifolia, Anubias bartery var. angustifolia; Anubias bartery var. barteri, Anubias bartery var. caladiifolia, Anubias bartery var. glabra and Anubias bartery var. nana. Among them Anubias bartery var. coffeifolia is very popular as the aquarium plants. This plant gets its name from the fact that the new leaves begin as a light coffee brown and turn dark green with age and resemble a coffee bean.

Anubias coffeefolia is one of the most favorite aquatic plants among the aquarium enthusiasts due to its unique growth and ease of maintenance. It grows well in low light tanks and it can survive without additional CO2 supplementation. It can grow in different substrate such as gravel and sand. It is suitable for aquariums with low lighting with 0.25W per liter of water. Micronutrients should be supplied for proper growth. If there is a lack of micronutrients the plant will be affected and the leaves become pale. In this case phosphate levels should be offered up to 2 mg per liter of water. The tank should have suitable water parameters with pH of 5.5-9.0, hardness of 3.0-7.0 and temperature of 68-860F (20-30 0 C). It is naturally slow growing plants and it does well in either immersed or submersed condition. It prefers to be tied to a piece of driftwood or stone. The rhizome should not be buried in the substrate otherwise it becomes rots or dies off. It can be used in both large and small aquariums. It can produce flower frequently in water and its tough leaves are not suitable to eat for herbivorous fishes. Waste vegetable matters, dead plants material should be removed from the aquarium daily basis to make the aquarium environment healthy. To avoid algae growths, check the plants daily basis over the leaves. In this case, water changes should be recommended daily.

Anubias coffeefolia is recognized as one of the most beautiful and robust aquarium plant on the market. The color combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. It is also suitable for terrariums and paludariums. It produces flowers frequently in immersed condition which make the aquarium more attractive among the pet fish lovers. It is available in all local aquarium fish traders and online vendor. If you want to purchase it online from home, look below to purchase your Anubias Coffeefolia today!

Propagation is done easily by cutting the rhizomes in aquarium condition with proper care. Before planting take the plant out of the water and cut the rhizome into two or more pieces using a sharp blade. In this case each section should contain at least three or four leathery leaves. Plant the cutting into the substrate. During planting special care should be taken of the rhizome and the roots. The rhizome should not be buried beneath the substrate, as it rots and die off. Rhizome should be affixed to wood or rock using cotton thread or fishing line. Under optimum tank condition, after few days the new cutting produce roots and anchors it to the substrate itself and begins growing.

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