Bolbitis Mini

Overview:  Bolbitis ‘Mini’ is a tiny fern that is sold under many trade names such as “mini Bolbitis”, “Davalla spec.” and “Bolbitis Davallia spec.”. It originated in the island of Negros in the Philippines and was introduced shortly after discovery as an aquarium plant. Bolbitis ‘Mini’ can be grown emersed or submersed where submersed growth is extremely slow and will form distinctly smaller leaves compared to emersed.

Size Portions: Bolbitis ‘Mini’ is priced per 1-2″ rhizome

Lighting conditions: Medium

Growth Length: up to 7 cm (height)

Difficulty or care: Medium

Placement in an aquascape: Background to foreground

PH: 5.5 – 8.0

Temperature: 72 – 84 F

Reproduction: Propagation is done by producing new shoots that act as runners that will separate from the plant eventually.

Growth Rate: Very slow