Cryptocoryne Nurii (Pahang Mutated)

Overview:  Cryptocoryne Nurii (Pahang Mutated) is a rare and relatively new Cryptocoryne plant. The leaves have simple structure but the patterns and colors make for an attractive mid-ground to foreground plant. Cryptocoryne Nurii (Pahang Mutated) is recommended in more experienced aquascapers because it does not thrive in many water conditions and is desperately in danger in its natural habitat.

Size Portions: Cryptocoryne Nurii (Pahang Mutated) is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Medium

Growth Length: 8 – 14 cm (height)

Difficulty or care: Medium

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground to foreground

PH: 6.5 – 8.0

Temperature: 68 – 76 F

Reproduction: Propagation is through rhizome division and replanting. Another method is by using side shoots to form a separate plant.

Growth Rate: Medium