Daphnia Magna Culture

Daphnia Magna is a great source as feeder food for tropical fish. They are a small planktonic crustacean ranging from 1-5mm in length and are ideal for any fish that are 2″ or longer. They provide live nutrition for all fish and are loved by some of the more stubborn fish that prefer live food over dry or frozen food.

With this culture, Daphnia Magna can be easily bred into a thriving colony and giving a hobbyist an unlimited supply of live food for their fish. Breeder tanks for Daphnia Magna can be as small as 3 gallons and going up depending on how much of a colony you need. Learn more about culturing Daphnia Magna

This jar of Daphnia Magna culture will consist of at least 50 Daphnia to get you started but are typically ranging from 100+ to get your colony started quickly.

Note: Daphnia culture orders will only be shipped Monday-Wednesday