Eichhornia diversifolia

Overview:  Eichhornia diversifolia is an obligate aquatic plant that can be found throughout tropical Central and Southern America. This plant is quite rare and hard to find in store – many hobbyists have these if you are willing to do trades or other transactions. Eichhornia diversifolia are fast growing plants that can be quite dense if optimal conditions are met. The leaves are a shade of consistent green that is used as mid-ground to background for many aquariums.

Size Portions: Eichhornia diversifolia is priced per stem

Lighting conditions: High

Growth Length: 8 – 15 cm (width)

Difficulty or care: Moderate

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground to background

PH: 6.0 – 7.5

Temperature: 70– 83 F

Reproduction: Propagation is done by producing new shoots that act as runners that will separate from the plant eventually.

Growth Rate: Medium