Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis Caresheet

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is the popular aquatic plant among the aquarium enthusiasts due to its bright green coloration and hardiness. It is also known as Micro Sword Grass, Brazilian Micro Sword, Copragrass and Carpet Grass. It is distributed in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, where it occurs both fully submerged and partially submerged conditions on the banks of ditches, wetlands, floodplains, swamps, rivers, lakes and streams. It is a grass like plant that looks excellent in the foreground of the aquarium.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is an ideal foreground plant which creates a beautiful lawn effect in the aquarium. It can grow to a maximum size of 10-18 cm (4-7 inches) under aquarium condition with a high light intensity, a good quality substrate and nutrient rich water.  The shape of the leaf blade can be lineal or less linear with apex rounded or sharp and tapering base.  It is a short-stemmed plant with light green grass-like leaves which form a short carpet in the right conditions. It is a great plant for both beginners and experienced aquarium fish keepers. It is an attractive bottom covering plant that makes an excellent ideal environment for spawning fish to lay their eggs. It also provides hiding places for shrimp or any other critters that dwell in the tank. It is the perfect plant for a bowl, small tanks and large aquariums. It is compatible with most species of community fish, but any large digging cichlids and larger herbivorous fishes should be avoided. Most plecos can also co-exist with this plant. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Brazilian micro sword) can propagate easily under aquarium condition with proper care.

Scientific name: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Common name: Brazilian micro sword, Micro Sword Grass, Copragrass, and Carpet Grass

Origin: South America

Placement: Foreground

Propagation: By cutting runners

Height:   10-18 cm (4-7 inches)

Water pH: 5.0-7.0

Water Hardness: 4-7 dGH

Water Temperature: 70 to 830 F (21-28 0C)

Lighting: Medium to High

Growth: Slow

Care level: Easy

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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis was first discovered by Glazion in 1909 as Crantzia brasiliensis but J.M. Affolter moved it into Lilaeopsis brasiliensis in 1985. The genus ‘Lilaeopsis, was erected by the American botanist Edward Lee Greene and the name means ‘charming the eye’ while the species name ‘braziliensis’ comes from its native habitat Brazil.  It belongs to the family Apiaceae under order Apiales of Class Magnoliopsida. Synonyms of this species are Crantzia brasiliensis Glaziou (1909), Lilaeopsis minor (A.W.Hill) Pérez-Mor., Lilaeopsis carolinensis var. minor A.W.Hill.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a suitable aquarium plant and in general it is relatively easy to care for. It can grow 4-7 inches in height that makes it ideal for foreground aquarium plant cover. For optimum growth, the tank should have a good substrate with the regular addition of fertilizers, nitrate, phosphates and micro-nutrients to the water column. It also greatly benefits from a regular CO2 injection. Under optimal conditions, it quickly forms a dense carpet over the substrate with its long, bright green grass like leaves.  This plant prefers good water chemistry with a pH of 5.0-7.0, hardness of 4-7 dGH and a temperature of 70 to 830 F (21-28 0C). It is a very hardy species and it can grow almost in all conditions – also in low lighting. But for proper growth, lighting intensity should be 2-3 watts per gallon of water using full spectrum (5000-7000K) bulbs. Sometimes algae buildup is likely to occur on the leaves making the look unhealthy and brown.  To combat algae buildup in your tank some Red Cherry Shrimp or Amano Shrimp should be kept to help keep clean off the leaf surfaces. Regular partial water changes can also help to prevent algae growth over the leaves of the plant. To keep your tank more attractive, trimming should be done due to its speed of growth, especially in setups with high lighting.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a popular freshwater aquarium plant among the pet fish keepers due to its attractive bright green coloration. It is now produced by all the major nurseries in the world. It is often sold as Micro Sword Grass, Brazilian Micro Sword, Copragrass, Carpet Grass or Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis in pet stores, local fish store and online vendor that stocks live plants. If you want to purchase this attractive and gorgeous plant with the best price online from home, look below the online vendor and ask them the details about your plant to supply.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Brazilian micro sword) can propagate easily under aquarium condition with proper care. It is done by cutting the runners from the healthy mother plants using a sharp razor or a pair of scissors. During propagation, tank should have an ideal substrate with some sand or gravel. Planting should be performed to a depth of 2-3 mm using tweezers. After cutting the runners, small clusters of runner should be inserted into the substrate in a checkerboard pattern at intervals of a few centimeters to help the plant grow faster. If it is planted properly, these little runners itself very quickly takes root and form new plants. In a few months, the baby plants grow in and form a thick carpet over the substrate on the bottom of the tank. Before planting, cluster of runners should be soaked for about four minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate or a bleach solution to prevent the algae growth on this plant in your tank. For proper growth, it needs some basic requirements such as intense lighting, CO2 injection and fertilization including nitrate, phosphate, potassium and micronutrient supplementation.

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