Malaysian Driftwood

Malaysian Driftwood is one of the more sought after hardscapes for aquascaping. This is due to its natural color, density, and just overall appearance in a planted tank. It also gives an organic boost to acidic pH and drops the water hardness versus using chemicals.

Malaysian will last too! It’s rated one of the best driftwood for longevity within a planted tank. I mean, wouldn’t it suck buying a piece of driftwood and in a year it’s completely decomposed? That’s right, it’s happens – So make sure to stay away from Grapevine wood!

With its dense dark gnarly stump and roots; The Malaysian Driftwood does have a unique look versus other woods like Mopani or spider wood. Typically lower grade Malaysian wood consist of parts of the stump or blocks with value characteristic like roots or branches; Whereas premium grades will have unique features from the root system.

Creativity is limited to do how Malaysian driftwood is formed. They typically tend to come in mostly small stump like shapes, sometimes having branches. Larger pieces typically have more features but are aren’t technically centerpieces material. Building out a centerpiece with multiple smaller pieces is more ideal than trying to hunt for that “one off” Malaysian driftwood. Using smaller pieces tied together also creates natural hiding places with little nooks and crevices for your fauna.

Malaysian Driftwood is typically used in an aquascape with incorporating other pieces of rocks like Seiryu stones, Manten stones, or River Stones. The driftwood will be positioned overtop of the rocks or in-between them; thus giving a natural biotope feel to the aquascape. Additionally, tying some aquatic plants like Anubias or ferns around the Malaysian driftwood or planting stems in the substrate will create more depth to the aquascape.

All Malaysian Driftwood must be soaked for at least 72 hours in a bucket of warm water for sinking to occur. We recommend boiled water for the first water to sterilize the wood pieces before introducing to any aquarium. Replacing the water every 24 hours with additional warm water is ideal but not necessary.

If Malaysian Driftwood is still causing discoloration in an aquascape; perform a daily water change or add activated carbon to your filtration to remove the discoloration.

If you’re looking for Malaysian driftwood for sale – you came to the right place. We have a wide selection of sizes right below that should fit perfectly for your aquarium. Please let us know if you need a specific size – We always try to our best to accommodate. Want to see our exclusive malaysian driftwood for sale? check down below for our Premium Malaysian Driftwood section.

Malaysian Driftwood

Our premium Malaysian driftwood is ideal for any aquascape or aquarium. One of the most popular woods for planted aquariums. One of the benefits of this wood is that it sinks once all the water has been absorbed. Please soak Malaysian Driftwood for 1-2 weeks before placing into your aquarium….

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Aquatic Mag only deals with the highest quality of Malaysian driftwood exporters. Bigger chains and suppliers have a surplus of low grade Malaysian Driftwood. We use our premium driftwood to create amazing hardscape for sale. If you’re interested in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), then check out our exclusive hardscapes below.

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