Nymphaea lotus Red (Red Tiger Lotus)

Overview:  Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’ (Red Tiger Lotus) is a native plant from tropical Africa – mostly found in stagnant water ranging from lake and pools. It is probably the most famous plant from its genus. The beautiful leaves of Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’ (Red Tiger Lotus) are noticeable thanks to its deep purple hue. Because of its large size and contrasting color, it is a perfect centerpiece for larger aquarium.

Size Portions: Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’ (Red Tiger Lotus) is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Moderate

Growth Length: 20 – 80 cm (height)

Difficulty or care: Medium

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground

PH: 5.0 – 7.0

Temperature: 68 – 83 F

Reproduction: Propagation is only achieved when the plant has a lot of floating leaves and develop a blooming flowers.

Growth Rate: Medium