Setting Up Your Own Basic Planted Aquarium

If you have seen many aquariums with their lush and healthy plants, you may want to start one yourself. Of course, for beginners it can somewhat be a difficult task. Figuring out the first things to do or what equipment to buy may seem confusing to many beginners. Luckily, there are plenty of guidelines and … Read more

Yoyo Loach Information

The Yoyo Loach is a very handsome freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as Almorha loach, Pakistani loach, Reticulated loach etc. It is found in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It inhabits still and slow running waters with rocky substrates. Adults inhabit calm water pools of highland streams while the juveniles are usually found in … Read more

Paradise fish Information

The paradise fish is a perch like ray finned fish which is also known as Chinese Fighting Fish, Paradise Gourami, Blue Paradise Fish and Blue Paradise Gourami etc. It is found in wide range of Southeast Asia. In China it is found from the east in the Yangtze River basin to the Pearl River basin. … Read more