Yellow Shrimp Information

The yellow shrimp is a tough creature that can acclimate to a wide range of water parameters. It’s best known to live in both soft and hard water. The pH of the water can also very from 6.0(acidic) to 8.0(alkaline). They are relatively easy to keep and breed just like several other Neocaridina species. They … Read more

Crystal Red Shrimp Information

The Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS), which is also sometimes known as Red bee shrimp, is always a beautiful complement to any small planted tank. It has beautiful candy cane striped color making it one of the most sought shrimp in the freshwater aquarium hobby. The crystal Red shrimp resulted from the mutation of a bee … Read more

Crystal Black Shrimp Information

Crystal Black Shrimp, a dwarf shrimp species which is native to Southeast Asia, has become very common within the aquarium hobby. This is because it has a natural appearance and also has selectively bred variants. Crystal Black Shrimp does best in cooler water conditions than the standard tropical aquarium though they can also be easily … Read more

Red Cherry Shrimp Information

The Red Cherry Shrimp, which is also known scientifically as Neocaridina Heteropoda var. Red, is a type of shrimp that originated from Taiwan. In natural environments the Neocaridina Heteropoda are usually brownish green or translucent. They have developed a variant of red due to being bred inside aquariums over the years. They are herbivores and … Read more

Bamboo Shrimp Information

Bamboo Shrimp originate from Southeast Asia. It’s also known as Wood Shrimp and comes from the species Atyopsis Moluccenis. They are mainly found on high Islands from Samoan, Okinawa and Sri Lanka. Bamboo shrimp blends into an aquarium and you will love watching them. They are calm and a pleasant addition to your home aquarium. … Read more

Super Tiger Shrimp Information

The Super Tiger Shrimp is a wild species found in china and possibly in other Asian countries too. Their price was initially high due to their infrequency when they were being introduced to the hobby. However, this has changed and their price has fallen drastically owing to their ease in breeding. The water conditions required by … Read more

Black Tiger Shrimp Information

The Black Tiger Shrimp is selectively bred from the normal Tiger Shrimp. The original Tiger Shrimp were bred for broader black stripes and after many generations the black stripes began to fill the entire body. This method however has its consequences such as poor genetics and vulnerability to diseases and bad water conditions. There are … Read more

Amano Shrimp Information

The Amano shrimp which is scientifically known as Caridina Multidentata, originates from parts of Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The Amano shrimp was introduced to the aquatic hobby by Amano Takashi for their cleaning ability back in 1980’s and therefore the shrimp was named after him. It’s the invisible janitor in the aquatic world. They are … Read more

Dwarf corydoras Information

The dwarf corydoras is a tropical freshwater fish which is also known as Pygmy corydoras, dwarf catfish, Tail spot pygmy catfish, Mini spotlight corydoras or micro catfish. It originates in inland waters in South America and it is found in the Amazon River and Paraguay River basins in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It inhabits in … Read more

Zebra Pleco Information

Hypancistrus zebra was scientifically described by I.J.H. Isbrucker and H. Nijssen in 1991. The genus name ‘Hypancistrus’ is derived from two Greek words: hypo and agkistron. Hypo means under while agkistron means hook. The word agkistron has been used to create the genus name Ancistrus. It gets its name from its black and white stripes … Read more