Ryuoh Stone (10lbs)

Overview: With a grayish-silver hue and white veins, the Ryuoh stone is the new replacement stone over Seiryu stones. Ryuoh stones have different subtle features, like being a bit more jagged and bolder than the Seiryu stone. This question comes up a lot in forums. Because of the banned exportation of Seiryu stone from Japan, the … Read more

Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

Micro Sword is a foreground plant similar to grass in appearance. The plant grows to average height of between 2 and 5 inches, forming thick mats. It requires supplemental nutrients and very high lighting to thrive. The plant may survive but will not thrive or stay as compact in lower light conditions. Micro Sword can … Read more

Seiryu Stone (10lbs)

Overview: With a blueish hue and white veins through it, the Seiryu Stone is one of the most sought after stones in the aquascaping world. Because Seiryu Stones have been banned being exported out of Japan, they are very difficult to find in North America. Size Portions: An assortment of Seiryu Stones consisting of 10lbs per order

Ammania Crassicaulis

Overview:  Ammannia Crassicaulis is also known as Nesaea crassicaulis and can sometimes be confused with Ammannia Gracilis due to their similarities. Ammannia Crassicaulis is commonly found in wetlands, rice fields and streams in Africa and Madagascar. This plant requires high nutrients which makes it a very difficult plant to take care of. Size Portions: Ammannia … Read more

Bucephalandra Aridarum sp.

Overview:  Bucephalandra Aridarum sp. is a unique species versus the other new genus of Bucephalandra. It is an endemic plant which means it can only be found naturally in a certain location, which is the island of Borneo. This is a relatively large plant versus other buces but it does come with a price tag. … Read more

True Mini Weeping moss Java Spring moss

Overview:  True’ Mini Weeping moss, sometimes referred to as Java Spring moss is a new moss that is quickly finding its way into the aquascaping hobby. True’ Mini Weeping moss is a very rare item which makes it hard to find even in aquatic plant online stores. It originated from Indonesia and once introduced in … Read more