Black King Kong Shrimp Information

There is some debate to the origin of this shrimp with some claiming it is a spontaneous mutation of the Snow White Bees while others claim that it is a cross between a (CBS)black bee/(CRS)red bee hybrid with Blue Bee. It is more generally accepted that it was a mutation rather than a complex cross … Read more

Fancy Goldfish Information

The fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus) is a freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as common goldfish.  It is native to eastern Asia which is distributed from Siberia to China and it has now spread around the world.  It inhabits rivers, lakes, ponds and ditches with vegetated stagnant or slow-flowing water. Crassius auratus was first … Read more

Wine Red Shrimp Information

The wine Red Taiwan Bee shrimp is highly debated. Some argue that it was a spontaneous transmute of the Snow White Bees, while others say that it was a cross of a black bee hybrid (CBS)/ (CRS) red bee with a Blue bee. The theory that it was a mutation is more accepted than that … Read more

Archerfish Information

The archerfish (Toxotes jaculator) is a brackish water perch like ray finned fish which belongs to the family Toxotidae under order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is also known as banded archerfish, Spinner Fish, Archers etc. It is native to the waters of southeastern Asia and northern Australia. It is found in salt water, usually … Read more

Glass Shrimp Information

Glass Shrimp is also known as grass shrimp or ghost shrimp. They are one of the most common species to breed. Their transparency is their sought after for clean-up crew and live food. They are mainly found living at the bottom of the fish tank feeding on the detritus. Ghost shrimp naturally thrive in salty … Read more

Snow White Shrimp Information

The Golden Bee Shrimp is a charming shrimp to keep. Some refer to it as “All-White Crystal Red Shrimp”, “Golden Crystal Red Shrimp,” or “Snow White Shrimp” but for me I like calling it Golden Bee Shrimp. It is a very kind shrimp to rare and very cool in person. I don’t really have any clue as … Read more

Blue Dolphin Cichlid Information

Ceratophyllum Demersum (Hornwort) Pistia stratioes (Water Lettuce) Ricciocarpus Natans (Slender Riccia Liverwort) Hygroryza Aristata (Retz.) Pistia stratioes (Dwarf Water Lettuce) Limnobium Laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit) Phyllanthus fluitans (Red Root Floater) Microsorum pteropus sp. Philippine (Philippine Java Fern) Microsorum pteropus sp. (Trident Java Fern) Microsorum pteropus sp. Needle (Needle Leaf Java Fern) Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern) Microsorum … Read more