Nesaea Crassicaulis

Overview:  Nesaea Crassicaulis is a red aquarium plant that possesses a beauty that no one can forget. It is a plant that is native to Madagascar, Africa. Normally, Nesaea Crassicaulis is found in swampy and wet lands but a lot of hobbyists are starting to grow it for their aquariums. The leaves are colored deep … Read more

Aponogeton Madagascariensis (Madagascar Lace)

Overview: Aponogeton Madagascariensis is an aquatic monocotyledonous perennial plant with tube-like rhizomes up to 3 cm in diameter. The leaves are oblong in size which reach up 15 – 50 cm long and 5 – 15 cm wide. The length of the leaves can go up to 65 cm (including the petiole). The leaves usually … Read more

Anubias Stardust

Overview:  Anubias Stardust is another cultivar of the Anubias Nana. It is one of those eye-catching plants that you will surely want to get for your aquarium. Anubias Stardust features unique white stems on the leaves but are difficult to maintain. If not taken care of, these white stems will disappear and will return to … Read more

Echinodorus Rubin Narrow Leaf

Overview:  Echinodorus ´Rubin Narrow Leaf´ is a great solitary plant for smaller aquariums. Its long and transparent red leaves will provide a great contrast that is visually pleasing. As portrayed by its name, Echinodorus ´Rubin Narrow Leaf´ features a narrow leaf structure with waved edges on every tip. Newly formed leaves are colored brown to … Read more

Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae

Overview:  Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’, sometimes referred to as Balansae plant is a popular background plant. It features long and thin leaves with wavy edge and short stems. Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’ is an amphibious plant which means that it can grow in and out of the water. When it is grown out of the water, it will take … Read more

Daphnia Magna Culture

Daphnia Magna is a great source as feeder food for tropical fish. They are a small planktonic crustacean ranging from 1-5mm in length and are ideal for any fish that are 2″ or longer. They provide live nutrition for all fish and are loved by some of the more stubborn fish that prefer live food over … Read more

Cryptocoryne Walkeri Lutea

Overview:  Cryptocoryne Walkeri Lutea is an attractive plant that is mostly used mid-ground piece. The leaves are full and colorful which makes it quite a beauty. Cryptocoryne Walkeri Lutea can grow in wide range of conditions and may need regular maintenance especially if planted in bulk. Size Portions: Cryptocoryne Walkeri Lutea is priced per plant Lighting conditions: Moderate Growth … Read more

Java Fern Bare Root

Scientific Name:Microsorum pteropus Ease of Care:Easy Approximate Full Size:8 to 12 inches Lighting Requirements:Low to Moderate Due to legal restrictions, we will no longer be shipping live tropical plants into the state of California Java Fern, Microsorum pteropus, is a versatile plant for the aquatic garden. The dark green leaf adds a dark contrast compared … Read more

Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum)

Scientific Name:Labeo erythururus Ease of Care:Easy Approximate Arrival Size:Small 1.5 to 3 inches, Medium 2 to 3 inches Approximate Full Size:7 to 10 inches Native Region:Borneo & Sumatra Temperament:Semi-Aggressive Diet:Omnivore Rainbow Shark behaves much like its cousin, the Red-Tailed Shark, but displays more gray coloration throughout the body and more shades of pink throughout the … Read more

Cryptocoryne Noritoi Wongso

Overview:  Cryptocoryne Noritoi “Wongso” is quite a rare plant being only introduced in United States through trades. It is narrow endemic in Indonesia and parts of Europe where it can be found growing in soil near streams of water. Size Portions: Cryptocoryne Noritoi “Wongso” is priced per plant (emersed) Lighting conditions: Medium to High Growth … Read more