Fluval Edge Aquarium Review

The Fluval Edge aquarium offers great design and functionality in a limited space. It comes with a LED light as well as a filter to help get you started in the right direction of proper aquarium care.

The Fluval Edge aquarium is a modern take on the traditional fish aquarium. It is a kind of aquarium that sets itself apart from other aquarium design due to its unique design and stylish approach to the aquarium hobby. It can be put in any kind of setting where it looks like it’s floating in the air while all the components are hidden from view.

Because of the design, you can observe the fish from all angles, even from the top! It is well verse for a few nano fish or even turned into a dwarf shrimp tank. NOTE: Gourami type fish aren’t suitable for this tank. This means Bettas as well!

The minimalistic and stylish design of the Fluval Edge will complement any house theme, especially modern ones. If you are looking to spice up your room, this aquarium is a great addition.

First off, we need to start with the company that introduced to the aquarium hobby. The Hagen Company was started more than 50 years ago by Rolf C. Hagen. It started as a family company and grew to become the largest privately owned manufacturer and distributor of pet products. Despite their company becoming one of the largest distributor of pet products, they have retained their original dedication to produce quality products for many kinds of pets.

Hagen has developed many products under the Fluval name for many decades. Fluval developed their first canister filter in 1982 and since then, they have become on the trusted figures in the aquarium business.

Their products are innovative but simple, giving them great potential for use. One of their most creative designs is the Fluval Edge.

If you’ve always wanted an aquarium but you have limited space, you need an aquarium design that fits into this bill. You can opt for a simple design but most of the simpler designs look too plain and boring. Or have an ugly euro brace around it’s corners and sloppy seams. Luckily, there is a design that is both unique and small – the Fluval Edge Aquarium.

The Fluval Edge aquarium kit comes with 6 sided sealed glass aquarium that is filled with LED lighting. The filter system is hidden entirely but it is there doing its job of filtering the aquarium. It is an easy aquarium to get into especially if you are just starting out.

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The Fluval Edge is very easy to assemble. Larger aquariums can be difficult to manage and put together. Opting for the smaller aquarium will save you a lot of hassle and work. In fact, the Edge comes readily available out of the box. It doesn’t take a mechanical wizard to assemble this aquarium.

Ergonomic Design

Fluval Edge aquarium is a great aquarium in terms of design. It is a unique aquarium that is like no other. With its fantastic design, you can view all angles with no restrictions. The sealed top glass will offer you with great view as well. The Edge aquarium will fit into modern-themed houses perfectly.

Modern design

The modern design of this aquarium is great for many homes of today. A lot of homes today have that simplistic design that is mostly composed of 2 color tones with minimal accents in between. The clear and minimalistic design of this aquarium can complement any modern house design.

Even if there are many benefits to this nano tank from Fluval, it still comes with a few downsides. Although the size of the aquarium offers great advantage in its placement in your home, the dimension of the tank sort of limits the kinds of fish you can keep in it.

You need to consider what kind and how large the fish is before you decide which ones to get. You need to make sure that the species of your choice will fit comfortably in the tank. You also need to consider the growth of the fish. Some fish will only be 1 inch when you purchase them but will grow up to 6 inches in a span of several months.

You would want nano fish or dwarf shrimp to keep the bio-load in line. If you want ideas on what fishes you can get from Fluval aquarium, you can search the internet and list some of the best choice and make your choice from there. bettas and other Gourami type first (this is fish that gulp for air at the surface) are NOT ideal for the Fluval Edge.

If you are just starting out in your journey as an aquarium hobbyist, you should definitely start with something that is simple. You want to ease yourself into the hobby and you can do that by starting with something fun and interesting. Truly, you can never go wrong with Fluval Edge Aquarium. Its sleek design coupled with its manageable dimension makes it one of the greatest aquarium designs for many people.

While experienced aquascapers will feel limited in the dimensions of this tank, it is still a great choice for beginners. It is a great way to introduce yourself or someone into the hobby without shocking them with how complex an aquarium could get. Enjoy the beauty of the aquarium by getting this Fluval aquarium for your home.

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