The Rimless Aquarium Tank Hype


rim aquarium versus rimless aquarium

The aquarium we are all familiar with is basically a tank that has several transparent sides with some bracing support around the edges. This is the most common aquarium setup since it is recommended by many experts.

Currently, modernized aquariums called rimless aquarium is quickly becoming the go-to choice for many hobbyists. So, why are many hobbyists switching over to the rimless aquarium? Are there benefits in doing so should you decide to buy one? Suppose you decide to buy one, will it be a good choice for you?


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One of the main reasons why many aquarists are opting for this rimless choice is because of its aesthetic appeal. Apart from this, rimless aquariums do not have any obstructions inside and outside of the aquarium panel. Most rimless aquariums are made from acrylic which makes them durable and sturdy. Although there is a hot trend for glass rimless aquariums due to the scratch-proof versus acrylic. This article aims to list the benefits of buying a rimless tank for your fish. We’ll take a look at its features and compare it to standard tanks.

Here are some of the features of rimless aquarium.

  • Rimless aquariums are made of thick glass & silicone to be able to support the glass without the need for euro bracing.
  • Rimless tanks are designed to be strong even without additional support from any plastic or wooden trim around the edges.
  • Because of the lack of support and its uni-body design, it’s slick looking and very appealing to look at. The lack of obstruction in the aquarium panel makes for a clear and modern looking aquarium piece. Thus letting you focus on the fauna and aquatic plants instead of the aquarium itself.
  • These tanks are made with different types of glass which are designed to give a better and clearer view of every side of the tank. Compare than to your traditional aquarium setup where sometimes several sides are obstructed from view or greenly tinted from a lot of iron within the glass.
  • Rimless tanks are used mostly for salt water reef aquariums to give it a more natural vibe but are becoming a huge trend into the freshwater aquatics.
  • The top can easily be accessed since there is little to no cover on top of the tank.


Today, the minimalist design is certainly preferred by many. The simplistic and elegant approach is quickly becoming the dominant choice in anywhere from logo to basic equipment design. The simple approach makes everything look clean and modern. With this in mind, you should do away with all unnecessary designs and obstruction within your home and that includes your aquarium. The simpler your design is, the better looking it will be.

The aesthetic appeal alone should at least make you consider getting one for your fish. Its modern design cues coupled with easier maintenance and upkeep makes for a really delightful tank for your fish to flourish in. The only thing that can turn off most buyers is the price. However, with many setups and makes to choose from, you can easily find one that fits your budget.

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