Wine Red Shrimp Information

The wine Red Taiwan Bee shrimp is highly debated. Some argue that it was a spontaneous transmute of the Snow White Bees, while others say that it was a cross of a black bee hybrid (CBS)/ (CRS) red bee with a Blue bee. The theory that it was a mutation is more accepted than that which says that it was from a complicated cross breeding although some debate still exists on the same.

The tank must incorporate many hiding places in form of terracotta, plants and foliage tubes. The most suitable plant species are Java moss, Java Fern and Moss balls. Anubias and Cryptocoryne are not advisable since their roots may produce some toxic substances. Just like in all other shrimp tanks, the tank harboring the Wine Red Shrimp should not have any copper traces. Before bringing in any shrimp to an aquarium ensure that it is set up in the proper manner and has been functional for at least 1 month.

Wine Red shrimp tend to be selective in feeding but mostly they will prefer eating high grade vegetarian shrimp feed and blanched spinach.  A wide-ranging diet is normally a heath diet. Feeding them on freeze dried copepods is also advised as a dietary supplement. For the young ones a high protein and calcium diet is highly recommended for proper digestion. Feeding should be moderated. It is not clear whether the Wine Red Shrimp is a direct mutate of Crystal Red shrimp, or Orange Bee or perhaps both. Wine Reds appear quite alike to the Crystal Red Shrimp, with the difference being a mostly-red headgear and deeper pigments of solid white and red.

Sexing Red Shrimp can be a bit challenging sometimes until after the shrimp has reached sexual maturity. It’s close to impossible to view the saddle not until the back of the female shrimp is well illuminated. It can also be hard even when the female is berried to spot the eggs at first sight. However once the shrimp has reached sexual maturity, it becomes easy to differentiate the sexes from their body shape and sizes. The females appear a bit larger than their male counterparts and also possess rounder undercarriages which are a common feature with other Caridina cantonensis var. species.

Wine Red Taiwan Bee shrimp will reproduce as long as the water is utterly clean though additives can be of help to this very sensitive grade of shrimp. The female normally carries the eggs for 3-4 weeks and later around 30 fully developed independent juveniles will result. The young shrimp measures about 1-2mm in size. Due to the fact that the adults will not harm their young ones the need to relocate them does not exist. A thick mulm layer together with Cattappa leafs are recommended in raising the juveniles. Breeding this kind of shrimp in an aquarium with fish may not be productive since the fish tends to make them nervous and consequently they will not breed.

In order to distinguish Wine Red Shrimp from Crystal Red Shrimp, you must look keenly on the head. Wine Red Taiwan Bee Shrimps head is almost all red and in a deep red shade. Comparing Crystal Red Shrimp to the Wine Red Shrimp, the Wine Red shrimp has more vivacious colors.

You might not get Wine Red Shrimp at your local fish or pet store. They are mainly found from online vendors and hobbyist. They exist in all different grades and variations therefore it is advisable that you ensure that you select from the right vendor exactly what you want. Below are some few sources where you can get more information on the same and some online vendors selling Wine Red Shrimp.

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