Bumble Bee Catfish

Our premium Bumblebee catfishes are tank raised and kept in ideal conditions for optimal growth and healthiness. We recommend you have at least a 15 gallons or larger planted tank with lots of flora and hiding spots before purchasing your Bumblebee catfish. Find out more about Bumblebee catfish to see if they are a good fit for your aquarium.

Scientific Name:Microglanis Iheringi

Ease of Care:Ease of Care

Approximate Arrival Size:1.5 to 2.5 inches

Approximate Full Size:4 inches

Native Region:South America – Venezuela



This yellow and black banded character is an effective scavenger that is not particular in its eating selection. A varied diet of bloodworms, tubifex worms, and sinking pellet foods fed just prior to lights-out will allow food for aquarium companions and, hopefully, still a few leftovers for the more nocturnal Bumble Bee Cat. It will not bother other fish, with the possible exception of those that will fit into its mouth. Equally fine kept singly or in groups, the Bumble Bee Catfish is tolerant of most water conditions. Plenty of decoration or plants should be provided as this fish likes to take cover. Do not despair if it has not made its presence known for a period of time. The Bumble Bee Cat, with its camouflaged pattern, can be difficult to spot when in hiding.