Do guppies sleep?

Do guppies sleep and, if so, when do guppies sleep, how do they sleep, and how can you tell that they are sleeping?

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about guppy sleep.

Do guppies sleep?

Yes – guppies do sleep! All fish sleep in some way, but it’s not like human sleep. It’s more like “resting”.

Fish remain more alert than a human does when they are sleeping, and they may appear to be awake if you don’t know how to spot the signs that they are resting.

When do guppies sleep?

Guppies will sleep at any time of day but – like humans – they prefer to sleep in the dark. You will therefore generally find your guppies sleep at night.

You should turn your aquarium light off at night so that your guppy fish can get some rest while you do.

How do guppies sleep?

Guppies don’t close their eyes when they sleep. Interestingly, guppies don’t close their eyes because they can’t – they don’t even have eyelids.

Instead, when they are sleeping, guppies will either rest on the bottom of the tank or float in one place just above it.

How can you tell that a guppy is sleeping?

When your guppy sleeps it will become much less active than usual and, instead of swimming around, it will just float in one spot.

A sleeping guppy won’t move very much at all, aside from the odd twitch or flick of a fin to keep itself stable in the water.

The spot where your guppy sleeps will usually be near the bottom of the tank, only very slightly above the base.

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