Vesicularia ferriei (True Weeping Moss)

Overview:  Vesicularia ferriei (True Weeping Moss) is a moss believed to have originated from China. When it was first introduced in the United States, it quickly became one of the favorites in the aquascaping world mainly due to its gorgeous appearance. True Weeping Moss is characterized by its teardrop-like bright green shoots which makes it … Read more

Vallisneria Americana Gigantea (jungle vals)

Overview:  Vallisneria Americana Gigantea is an easy plant that grows very fast which makes it ideal for larger aquariums. Vallisneria Americana Gigantea can sometimes grow so long that the ends of the leaves will float on the surface. Regular pruning and clipping is needed to make sure that the immersed leaves get adequate amount of … Read more

Rotala Indica Caresheet

Rotala indica is a very popular aquatic plant among the pet fish lovers which is also known as Indian toothcup. It is an ideal mid-ground plant that adds color to the freshwater planted aquarium. It is widely distributed from India to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, China and Japan. It has now been introduced … Read more

Limnophila Aromatica

Overview:  Limnophila Aromatica is a polymorphic species that is usually found growing in swampy soil in Southeast Asia. Limnophila Aromatica is quite new to the aquarium hobby but it is continuously becoming more and more popular. Light is the most important requirement for this plant to fully realize it’s potential. With enough nutrients, a rich … Read more

Ludwigia Bevipe

Overview:  Ludwigia Atlantis is a beautiful plant that simply catches your attention when you first look at it. Little is known about Ludwigia Atlantis because it is a relatively new plant to the aquatic plant scene. From our own Ludwigia Atlantis plant, it is an easy aquatic plant to grow. It is a very undemanding … Read more

Bolbitis Mini

Overview:  Bolbitis ‘Mini’ is a tiny fern that is sold under many trade names such as “mini Bolbitis”, “Davalla spec.” and “Bolbitis Davallia spec.”. It originated in the island of Negros in the Philippines and was introduced shortly after discovery as an aquarium plant. Bolbitis ‘Mini’ can be grown emersed or submersed where submersed growth … Read more

Rotala Bangladesh

Overview:  Rotala Bangladesh is considered to be a Rotala Mexicana variety. Rotala Bangladesh was only introduced last year and was not cultivated commercially in the US. It features a reddish stem with bright green leaves that resembles Rotala Vietnam, but the size of the leaves is not as narrow. Under good lighting condition, Rotala Bangladesh … Read more

Vesicularia dubyana (Singapore Moss)

Overview:  Vesicularia dubyana (Singapore Moss), also known as “Dubious Bladder Moss” is a moss originally thought of as Java Moss. This moss is found occurring naturally in Singapore and some parts of Malaysia. Singapore Moss features a dull to dark green color with flattened irregular pinnacle branches. This moss is quite easy to take care … Read more

Vesicularia montagnei (Christmas X-mas moss)

Overview:  Vesicularia montagnei (Christmas X-mas moss) is a popular moss but little to none is known about its origin. The growth habits, appearance, and characteristics of X-mas moss can be different from each other. It will grow dense when given low amount of light which makes an ideal moss wall or an aquatic backdrop. Size … Read more

Cryptocoryne wendtii Florida Sunset

Overview:  Cryptocoryne Florida ‘Sunset’ is a beautiful aquatic plant mostly used as mid-ground plant in medium-sized aquariums. Its gorgeous colors and leaf structure makes it truly desirable by many aquascapers. Cryptocoryne Florida ‘Sunset’ provides contrast to any aquarium it is placed into which suits it great as a mid-ground plant. Size Portions: Cryptocoryne Florida ‘Sunset’ … Read more