Setting Up Your Own Basic Planted Aquarium

If you have seen many aquariums with their lush and healthy plants, you may want to start one yourself. Of course, for beginners it can somewhat be a difficult task. Figuring out the first things to do or what equipment to buy may seem confusing to many beginners. Luckily, there are plenty of guidelines and … Read more

Dry Start Method – How to Do It Yourself

Dry Start Method (DSM) is the process of growing plants out of the water until the aquarium is ready for the plant. This method lessens or even completely eliminates some issues that are present when setting up an aquarium. Some of the most common problems when first setting an aquarium setting are: Algae growth Tendency … Read more

5 Aquarium Filter Types You Should Know

Today, we have a numerous amount of options of aquarium filters available in the market. With each of the models designed to suit different preferences for individuals. Before shopping online or heading to the fish store to buy a filter, there are some few basics that we need to know. These basics include the size … Read more

The Rimless Aquarium Tank Hype

rim aquarium versus rimless aquarium The aquarium we are all familiar with is basically a tank that has several transparent sides with some bracing support around the edges. This is the most common aquarium setup since it is recommended by many experts. Currently, modernized aquariums called rimless aquarium is quickly becoming the go-to choice for … Read more

5 Effective Tips to Get Your Own Aquarium for Cheap

Many people would love to own a pet fish but taking care of a fish aquarium is an expensive and tedious hobby. It is usually reserved for the patient and meticulous enthusiasts. Once you get hooked though, you will soon realize how satisfying it is to take care of your own fish. One of the … Read more

Ryuoh Stone (10lbs)

Overview: With a grayish-silver hue and white veins, the Ryuoh stone is the new replacement stone over Seiryu stones. Ryuoh stones have different subtle features, like being a bit more jagged and bolder than the Seiryu stone. This question comes up a lot in forums. Because of the banned exportation of Seiryu stone from Japan, the … Read more

Seiryu Stone (10lbs)

Overview: With a blueish hue and white veins through it, the Seiryu Stone is one of the most sought after stones in the aquascaping world. Because Seiryu Stones have been banned being exported out of Japan, they are very difficult to find in North America. Size Portions: An assortment of Seiryu Stones consisting of 10lbs per order

Cryptocoryne Undulata

Overview:  Cryptocoryne Undulata is one of the more popular Cryptocoryne plant and is available for many years in the aquascaping plant trade. It is usually found submersed and emersed in rivers and wetlands. Cryptocoryne Undulata is very easy to maintain and grow but just like any other plant, the condition of the plant is dependent … Read more

Nano Marimo balls

Overview:  Nano Marimo balls is a type of algae that grows into ball shape under the right condition. It originally came from a few select regions in Japan where it’s considered good luck. They are very popular because of their relatively undemanding nature and unique shape. Nano Marimo balls can thrive in wide range of … Read more

Bucephalandra Kedagang Round

Overview: Bucephalandra Kedagang Round is a species from a relatively new genus Bucephalandra. Bucephalandra Kedagang Round is popular among plant enthusiasts due to its unique color characteristics and rare nature. The leaves of this plant are dark green purple. Bucephalandra Kedagang Mini is a great background plant due to its dense characteristics. Size Portions: Bucephalandra … Read more