Yoyo Loach Information

The Yoyo Loach is a very handsome freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as Almorha loach, Pakistani loach, Reticulated loach etc. It is found in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It inhabits still and slow running waters with rocky substrates. Adults inhabit calm water pools of highland streams while the juveniles are usually found in … Read more

Paradise fish Information

The paradise fish is a perch like ray finned fish which is also known as Chinese Fighting Fish, Paradise Gourami, Blue Paradise Fish and Blue Paradise Gourami etc. It is found in wide range of Southeast Asia. In China it is found from the east in the Yangtze River basin to the Pearl River basin. … Read more

Fancy Guppy Information

Fancy Guppy is a very popular freshwater aquarium fish for both beginners and experienced fish keepers. It is also known as Guppy, Fancy Tail Guppy, Millions Fish, Rainbow Fish, Fancy Guppy, Ornamental Guppy and Fancy Millions Fish. It is native to Venezuela, Barbados, Trinidad, northern Brazil and the Guyanas. It has now been introduced into … Read more