Discus fish Information

Discus fish is the most beautiful of all tropical fish which is also known as Cobalt Discus, Blue Discus, Blue Faced Discus, Blue-Head Discus, Red Thunder Discus etc. They are also sometimes called the King of Aquarium fish. It is native to the Amazon River basin and its natural range extends down the Rio Solimões … Read more

Swordtails Fish Information

The swordtail is one of the most popular tropical aquarium fish. It is also referred to as Black Swordtail, Gold Tux, Green, Lyretail, Neon, Red Simpson, Spotted, Red Velvet Swordtails, Black Velvet, Belize, Atoyac etc.  It is native to southeastern Mexico, central Guatemala, southern Belize, and northwestern Honduras. It occurs in rivers, streams, warm springs, … Read more

Plecostomus Information

The pleco is a silurid ray finned fish which is also known as common pleco, janitor fish, spotted pleco, sucker fish, suckermouth catfish, sucking catfish, common algae sucker etc. It is native to tropical northeastern South America. At present it has been widely introduced to several countries around the world. It is often cultured in … Read more

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Information

The White Cloud Mountain minnow is a popular freshwater aquarium fish among the pet fish lovers due to their brightly color and personalities. It is also known as Minnow, Chinese Danio, Canton Danio, White Cloud and White Cloud Mountain Fish.  It is native to China and inhabits clear, slow-moving brooks with thick vegetation. In Chinese … Read more

The Black Skirt Tetra Information

The Black Skirt Tetra is a very popular freshwater fish among the aquarium enthusiasts due to their hardiness and personalities. It is also known as Black Tetra, Black Skirt, Black Widow Tetra, Petticoat tetra, High-fin black skirt tetra, etc. It is native to the Paraguay and Guaporé River basins of southern Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. … Read more

Bloodfin Tetra Information

The Bloodfin Tetra is an excellent freshwater ray finned fish among the aquarium hobbyists due to their hardiness and gorgeous coloration. It is also known as the Bloodfin, Glass Bloodfin, the Red-finned Characin, the Red-finned Tetra and the Argentine Bloodfin. It originates from Rio Parana basin in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, South America. It inhabits … Read more

Endler’s livebearer Information

Endler’s livebearer is very hardy tropical freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as Endlers, Black-Bar Endler, Endler’s Guppy, Campoma Guppy etc. It is native to Laguna de Los Patos, Northern Venezuela. They are typically found in hard and warm water with a relatively high pH under the shade of underwater vegetation with very green … Read more

Panda Corydoras Information

Panda corydoras is a very beautiful and cute silurid catfish which is also referred to as Panda cat, Panda cory, Panda catfish etc. It is found in the Ucayali river system of Peru. It inhabits both clear and blackwater streams, their tributaries and over soft sandy substrates. It prefers to dwell at the bottom of … Read more

Kuhli Loach Information

The kuhli loach is one of the most interesting freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as coolie loach, giant coolie loach, slimy loach, leopard loach, leopard eel, prickly eye, cinnamon loach etc. It is found in Southeast Asia; Sumatra, Singapore, western Malaysia, Java, Borneo, and Thailand. It occurs in shallow, slow-moving sections of forest … Read more