Crystal Black Shrimp

Crystal Black Shrimp have black and white bands on them, Black Bee Shrimp, otherwise known as Caridina Cantonensis sp adds a touch of vibrancy to aquariums. Check out more about these striped little guys and if they are right for your aquarium. TAGS Crystal Black Shrimp Shrimp Wiki Wiki

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp Information

Cardinal Shrimp is a smaller tropical species compared to the rest of the dwarf shrimp that come from the lake region of the Indonesia Sulawesi region. Cardinal Shrimp lives a little longer (6 months to one year longer) than the average dwarf shrimp. They are also at an extent lighter than many of their contemporaries. … Read more

Blue Tiger Shrimp Information

Blue Tigers have vertical black stripes (identical to the Tiger Shrimp) and as noted above a blue color that ranges from extremely dark blue (almost black) to the blonde. Baby Blue Tigers look like regular tigers but as the shrimp raise their blue color will develop and grow darker as the shrimp matures. Blue Tigers … Read more

Tiger Shrimp Information

The required water conditions for the Tiger shrimp are basically the same as of other Tiger Shrimp species.  They require a PH of around This species also prefers soft water. Just like with all other shrimp, clean water is vital for their wellbeing and the temperature should be around 76-78F to suit Tiger Shrimp. … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp Information

The origin of Harlequin is Sulawesi, Indonesia and has exceptional coloration and markings. Among the newly discovered Sulawesi shrimp Sulawesi shrimp is the smallest. It is therefore very shy until it becomes accustomed to the new environment. After it becomes adjusted to the aquarium, it starts revealing itself more and its colors will truly show. … Read more

Yellow Shrimp Information

The yellow shrimp is a tough creature that can acclimate to a wide range of water parameters. It’s best known to live in both soft and hard water. The pH of the water can also very from 6.0(acidic) to 8.0(alkaline). They are relatively easy to keep and breed just like several other Neocaridina species. They … Read more

Crystal Red Shrimp Information

The Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS), which is also sometimes known as Red bee shrimp, is always a beautiful complement to any small planted tank. It has beautiful candy cane striped color making it one of the most sought shrimp in the freshwater aquarium hobby. The crystal Red shrimp resulted from the mutation of a bee … Read more

Crystal Black Shrimp Information

Crystal Black Shrimp, a dwarf shrimp species which is native to Southeast Asia, has become very common within the aquarium hobby. This is because it has a natural appearance and also has selectively bred variants. Crystal Black Shrimp does best in cooler water conditions than the standard tropical aquarium though they can also be easily … Read more

Red Cherry Shrimp Information

The Red Cherry Shrimp, which is also known scientifically as Neocaridina Heteropoda var. Red, is a type of shrimp that originated from Taiwan. In natural environments the Neocaridina Heteropoda are usually brownish green or translucent. They have developed a variant of red due to being bred inside aquariums over the years. They are herbivores and … Read more

Bamboo Shrimp Information

Bamboo Shrimp originate from Southeast Asia. It’s also known as Wood Shrimp and comes from the species Atyopsis Moluccenis. They are mainly found on high Islands from Samoan, Okinawa and Sri Lanka. Bamboo shrimp blends into an aquarium and you will love watching them. They are calm and a pleasant addition to your home aquarium. … Read more