Super Tiger Shrimp Information

The Super Tiger Shrimp is a wild species found in china and possibly in other Asian countries too. Their price was initially high due to their infrequency when they were being introduced to the hobby. However, this has changed and their price has fallen drastically owing to their ease in breeding. The water conditions required by … Read more

Black Tiger Shrimp Information

The Black Tiger Shrimp is selectively bred from the normal Tiger Shrimp. The original Tiger Shrimp were bred for broader black stripes and after many generations the black stripes began to fill the entire body. This method however has its consequences such as poor genetics and vulnerability to diseases and bad water conditions. There are … Read more

Amano Shrimp Information

The Amano shrimp which is scientifically known as Caridina Multidentata, originates from parts of Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The Amano shrimp was introduced to the aquatic hobby by Amano Takashi for their cleaning ability back in 1980’s and therefore the shrimp was named after him. It’s the invisible janitor in the aquatic world. They are … Read more