Tiger Shrimp Information


The required water conditions for the Tiger shrimp are basically the same as of other Tiger Shrimp species.  They require a PH of around This species also prefers soft water. Just like with all other shrimp, clean water is vital for their wellbeing and the temperature should be around 76-78F to suit Tiger Shrimp. As long as the above water parameters are met the shrimp will breed properly.

The females and the males Tiger Shrimp look almost identical except that the females have a round “undercarriage” under its body. The width of the female Tiger Shrimp is also distinctly larger than that of the males. The coloration of the male and the female remains the same.


Just like all other species, as long as the Tiger Shrimp is happy and healthy it will reproduce around the clock. The tank should be kept free from all possible contaminants including dirt to ensure that the shrimp is comfortable. A female Tiger Shrimp produces around 20-25 hatchlings and will continue to do as long as they are healthy. After the eggs hatch the female Tiger Shrimp takes at most a week to once again have eggs. Breeding the Tiger Shrimp is not complicated at all and may even be easier than breeding the Red Cherry shrimp.

It is pretty easy to feed Tiger Shrimp. They eat almost everything from blanched spinach, zucchini, to algae wafers. It’s recommended for you to feed them once a day. You should also feed them with the amount that the Shrimp will finish easily within 2-3 hours maximum. Overfeeding is highly discouraged as that can easily cause death of the shrimp. When the food sits in the water for too long it also causes some serious water quality issues. It’s also wise to keep in mind that Shrimp are scavengers in the wild. They will consume anything they find and do not rely on a regular food source 24/7. Failing to feed them for one or two days is okay and will not do any harm to this species. You should however take care in terms of balanced diet as well as the feeding period of the shrimp.

Tiger shrimp are mainly bought from online breeders and importers all over the wild. You may not find the shrimp being sold on your local fish or pet store. The Tiger Shrimp is the second most popular shrimp after the Red Cherry Shrimp. This is so owing to their breeding capability, hardiness as well as their ability to live in harmony with other shrimp. If you need to purchase your new Tiger Shrimp, below is a list of some online vendors that I would recommend.

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